The first multiplication workshop of the international project that focuses on accessible tourism has been recently held for people living with disabilities in Pécs. Participants of the workshop gained insight into the project’s goals, its outcomes, and were informed about the application process for the free training, the knowledge and qualifications they would gain, as well as future employment opportunities in accessible tourism.

The Hungarian partner in the project is Zöld-Aktív Szociális Szövetkezet, based in Pecs. What makes the topic of the workshop special is the fact that accessible tourism is a brand new player in the economy, not only in Hungary, but all over Europe. From an economical point of view, its emergence is inevitable, as people living with disabilities want to participate in the tourism sector both as service users, and as part of the work force. The latter is the main goal of Peer-AcT Erasmus+ international project, which gives the opportunity to people with special needs and disabilities to train as Peer Councillors, with inclusion and equal opportunities in its focus. The methodology is developed by adult educators, prospective trainers living with disabilities, as well as tourism professionals. At the end of the training, combining personal experience and professional knowledge, participants will be able to give advice and provide training in all fields of accessible tourism: transportation, accommodation, gastronomy, leisure activities, guided tours and city planning. In the future, they will work as trainers and consultants both in the tourism industry, and for decision-making bodies.

Participating partners in the project are Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia and Hungary. Duration of project: 01.11.2018.- 30.04.2021. (ez nem lenne jobb az elejen?)

The Hungarian partner is in charge of developing the methodology, i.e., how peer-mentoring is organised in the field of accessible tourism. As a part of this task, we have carried out a survey in 5 countries. With the professional leadership of the Department of Marketing and Tourism, University of Pécs, we are carrying out an in-depth analysis of the potentials of accessible tourism.  Members of People First Association, a partner of Zöld-Aktív Szociális Szövetkezet, are actively helping the project with their expertise and personal experience; they participate in developing the  peer-mentor training, and pilot trainings for service providers in the tourist industry.  Members of the association are the prospective trainers.

In the near future, we are going to organise a similar workshop for tourism service providers. 

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