The project’s name:
European Peer counselor Training in Accessible Tourism,
Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Its duration: 2018.11.01.-2021.04.30.

A program with the participation of five countries, the main objective of the project is the training of Peer Counselor trainers from the community of disabled people or people with special needs, with providing inclusion and equal opportunities. There are three groups which help with the development of the training methodology: the adult trainers, the disabled people who are prospective trainers and tourism experts. During the project the disabled trainers will be able to give advice and train in the topic of accessible tourism in all aspects of tourism (transportation, accommodation, gastronomy, free-time activities, tourist guides, city decision-makers and designers). In the future they will be able to work as trainers and consultants in tourism.

The five participant countries and partners:

  • Germany – VSBI, Verein zur sozialen und beruflichen Integration e.V.
  • Germany – KHuF, Kopf, Hand und Fuss gGmbH
  • Spain – Probens, Asociación para el Estudio y promoción del Bienestar Social
  • Hungary – Zöld-Aktív Szociális Szövetkezet
  • Italy – Unione Montana Alta Langa
  • Croatia – Slap, Udruga za kreativni razvoj

The hungarian partner works out the projects methodology: how the peer consulting and the mentoring in the field of accessible tourism is organized.