GINOP 5.1.3-16-2017-00033 Support of social enterprises

“With Green-Active naturally!”

The mission of Green-Active Social Corporative is to achieve permanent employment instead the seasonal,  for the handicapped neighborhood residents of Orfű in Baranya county. Our main goal to design a service package, in the framework of which we could provide year-round employment.

Orfű is a very popular touristic area in Hungary, we want to increasing the gastronomic and touristic value with local products produced by the target group. Moreover we will make available some of our existing cooperative services (park maintenance, landscaping, land work, cleaning, washing, ironing, roofing, carpentry, woodwork, outdoor tables, paintwork) for external organizations.

Our target group is 7 on the labor market disadvantaged employee, there are professional and mental trainings organised for them within the framework of the project.

The project will be implemented in the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 program, supported by the European Union Social Fund and domestic central budget as a GINOP (Economic Development and Innovation) operational program, in time 01.06.2017 – 28.02.2019.