Our activity programme has been created along 3 lines:
a) nonformal
learning methods reg. social economy, business development, European youth policy and
youth people’s career guidance;
b) individuals’ everyday competence development; and last,
but not leastc)
leisure time spent in an ecotourism area which
plays an increasingly role in the sustainable economic
development in the today’s world and which could improve business or job orientation to us, or can be based
on further project generation for the programming period 20142020
of the EU.
We are very pleased that you have shown interest to our Erasmus+ Youth Mobility programme in Orfű,
Hungary and thank you very much for your applications!
The preparations in full flow, the selection of participants has almost finished!
We are looking forward to the summer camp to become reality!
Check out our Facebook page for updates! https://www.facebook.com/groups/104561169894194/


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