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The Zöld-Aktív Szociális Szövetkezet (Gree-Active Social Cooperative) was established in 2013 for social purposes.
Our region (South-Hungary, Baranya) is a quite depressive area where the rate of unemployment is relatively high.
The social cooperative is based in Orfű, this settlement includes the county’s main tourist attractions. The main goal is to find jobs, work for the members of the cooperative and organize programs for them and their families to get a good community, to raise their standard of living. There is a big emphasis on to extend seasonal employment opportunities in the area for full year employment, improving the situation of local and regional tourism enterprises, local community service, new approaches in the way of living toward sustainable development. Both the social and the ecological aspects are important for us.
Our cooperative is also active in tourism and in “green” lifestyle. Local products, local markets, local workers and local co-operation are basically focused.

The founders of the cooperative and the staff of the enterprise work with a research and social political background, developing and offering sustainable and social activities and services in the county of Baranya.

Most of the founders and staff of our organization are experienced in tourism and/or education, and also have special skills and sense to focus on the questions of accessibility in tourism.

The social cooperatives law changes from 01.01.2018. and it is affected the Zöld-Aktív Szociális Szövetkezet too. According to this change social cooperatives must bear their main activity in their name and became mandatory entering a local government as a member. Our current official name is therefore Green-Active Green areas-care Social Cooperative, abbreviated name remains Green-Active Social Cooperative. We have 13 members, among which we can greet the Local Government of the village Husztót and the South Transdanubian Equestrian Association.

Our featured partner is the University of Pécs Faculty of Economy where we work together with professors and researchers of the Marketing and Tourism Institute.

The social cooperative considers it important to take part in transnational projects where we could learn from each other, we can exchange experience and jointly develop programs.

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