About us – Green-Active Social Cooperative

The main objective of Green-Active Social Cooperative to provide job opportunities for unemployed people near Abaliget, Orfű and Husztót. Green-Active Social Cooperative has been established in 2013 for social purposes. Its main cause, that the cooperative members and their families mostly only received seasonal employment opportunities due to the characteristics of tourism: companies can employs them only a few months.

Green-Active Social Cooperative primarily aims to provide services for tourism businesses and local governments in the fields of Orfű tourist destination. The objective of the Green-Active Social Cooperative is to provide a service portfolio with which it will be possible to work in the framework of full-year employment for local people.

Our main activities:

  • foliage cleanup,
  • make local products,
  • park maintenance, landscaping,
  • land work,
  • cleaning, washing, ironing
  • roofing, carpentry
  • woodwork,
  • outdoor tables
  • paintwork,
  • application writing, project management

Green-Active Social Cooperative keeping in mind the members, social aspects and creates lasting jobs for local people against seasonal employment until now.

The Cooperative works together with European Union partners in several international programs too.

The most important principles:

Local products, local services, local labor
with environmental awareness and social integration!

You can contact us here:

Establishment of Green-Active Social Cooperative: H-7677 Orfű, Dollár u. 1.
Office in Pécs: HU-7625 Pécs, Vince u. 9/2.

E-mail: info.zoldaktiv@gmail.com
You can write us in Hungarian, English and German languages.

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